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To inspire kids worldwide to believe in their dreams, eco-friendly children's books publisher, blOOturtle Publishing, launches a "Flight Challenge" around the children’s book Willow Willpower at the end of May. The bookbased doll, Willow, is to be flown with the help of female pilots from Europe to the USA and back to her creator, Sarah Cannata, in Australia. In England, the Challenge starts with the young British pilot, Ellie Carter, who had the initial idea for this. In the meantime female pilots worldwide are called on to participate. Willow's experiences on every flight and in each country and city can be followed via blOOturtle's website and social media accounts.

Paris, 13 June 2019 — The children's picture book, Willow Willpower, is all about believing in dreams and inspiring children to feel that they can achieve anything they truly put their mind to. Despite the fact that some female pilots have been world-famous since the early days of aviation, commercial aviation today is still very much a male dominated profession. At the end of 2018, the proportion of female pilots was a mere 5.18% worldwide (see BBC in November 2018) and the women’s share of new commercial airline licenses was below 3% at the beginning of 2019 (see iWOAW). In order to make it in this profession, a woman needs a strong belief in herself and her dreams.

“The more we reiterate and highlight that anything is possible to kids at a young age, the more we inspire them to become whatever they want to be. Like Willow Willpower, we want kids to have big dreams. Ever since she can remember, Willow has dreamt of flying high in the sky. When Willow's mum takes her daughter to the local museum, Willow gets to know the aviation legend, Amelia Earhart. And that’s where the fun begins!”, said the Australian writer of Willow Willpower, Sarah Cannata.

The message resonated with 16-year-old pilot Ellie Carter who made history in January this year when she became the youngest British pilot. "My father has written entire novels to strengthen my faith and encourage me to follow my dreams. I am very happy to promote Willow. We need books like that!“ says Ms Carter. A day after receiving her copy of Willow Willpower, she took the book in her "Taildragger" and posted her adventure on her Facebook page. But that was just the beginning - she then came up with a wonderful idea: to take a 'real' Willow onboard a flight with her and her colleagues!

Nicola Ganaye, Creative Director of blOOturtle Publishing, was immediately excited about this idea, since this spirit is exactly what her publishing company stands for. "What could be more inspiring and motivating than witnessing the formation of a community of women pilots to fly Willow around the world on behalf of children?“ asks Mrs Ganaye.

And author Sarah Cannata adds: ”Children cannot understand what they cannot see. So our women pilots will show that anything is achievable if someone truly believes in themselves, and with the little help from Willow Willpower.“

Eliane Schädler, a young illustrator from Switzerland, has created the look of Willow Willpower for the book - including her incomparably cheerful and curious gaze. Based on this image, belambolo - the maker of the doll - has crafted a one-of-akind Willow doll using only organic material.

“The project is a wonderful challenge. Usually, I create Waldorf dolls but a ‘child’ who will fly around the world is a great idea that I needed to support,” explains Heike Gielen, the founder of belambolo.

“It's fantastic to collaborate with an eco-friendly children’s book company and this wonderful story inspired me to give Willow a real body.”

The Willow has just arrived at blOOturtle in Paris. blOOturtle will show Willow around the city first before embarking direct or with detours on her trip to Devon, UK, to officially launch the "Flight Challenge" with Ellie Carter.

Will Willow find enough female pilots to fly high in the sky to Down Under?
The challenge is on!

If you want to join the challenge, contact Ms Ganaye via email to take Willow on your next flight! And please do spread the word: for the sake of all children, Willow needs all the support she can get!

See our website for more information: http://www.willow-willpower.com.

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