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Internationally acclaimed contemporary artist, Lu Xinjian has been commissioned to design two art pieces for the e-resource centre in the new Rhodes community precinct, The Connection, Mayor Angelo Tsirekas announced.

“We are very excited to have Xinjian working with the City of Canada Bay to create two pieces of art work, which will feature in the new e-resource centre,” Mayor Angelo Tsirekas said.


One of the works that will feature is titled Rhodes City DNA and is part of his well-known series, City DNA. The design is based on an aerial perspective of Rhodes from Google Earth which features a laser cut acrylic screen suspended from floor to ceiling. The holes in the artwork will create an abstract work but allows the view to identify locations and street systems, seeing the genuine structure of their hometown from a new perspective.


The second piece of work, Wired Space, will be a suspended installation of three dimensional spatial drawings which are made of hand bent wire, partly wrapped in coloured wire and sealed with resin. Four hanging wire sculptures will make up the work, each revealing a multitude of scenarios (featuring figures and animals) as the work slowly revolves or the viewer changes position.


“Xinjian is a highly renowned contemporary artist, with an internationally recognised career and I believe his artwork will be the perfect edition to Rhodes and The Connection,” Mayor Tsirekas said.


Lu Xinjian was recently featured in last month’s edition of Vanity Fair, as well as having his works exhibited in London, Shanghai, LA and in Amsterdam alongside Holland representative at the Venice Biennale 2015.


The Connection is the new community precinct in Rhodes, valued at $21 million and due to be opened mid-2016.