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Introducing Australia’s first liposomal vitamin spray – VitaQIK™!

Henry Blooms is proud to introduce VitaQIK™, Australia’s first locally produced liposomal vitamin range, providing sugar-free nutrient delivery with exceptional absorption and the ultimate convenience thanks to no water required and nothing to prepare. Providing faster delivery and higher absorption via the spray application of four nutraceutical formulas, the pharmaceutical-grade state-of-the-art VitaQIK™ range is available now in Coles and participating pharmacies nationally.

Henry Blooms Nutritionist, Megan Nelsson says, “This is a really exciting range for us and the perfect time to launch it. Not only that we are now in the winter cold and flu season, but also with many workers heading back into the office post-COVID-19 and using public transport, boosting our immunity and wellbeing is paramount.

“The new VitaQIK™ vitamin spray range delivers vitamins fast, with liquid nano-particle sized liposomal technology, that works to produce rapid absorption on contact with the mouth before entering the harsh acidic environment of the gut. Made right here in Australia, the convenient 50mL spray bottle is the handbag or backpack must have this winter. It can even be used on children over the age of three, so, no more fighting to get traditional vitamins down for all of us!” said Megan.

The VitaQIK™ range launches featuring four key nutraceuticals that are all sugar and dairy-free, vegan friendly with a natural citrus taste.

Vitamin C (immunity and skin health) – RRP $20.00
- Supports immune system health
- Antioxidant activity to reduce free radical damage to body cells
- Supports connective tissue and collagen production
- Supports the absorption of dietary iron

Vitamin B12 (energy, nervous system support & B12 deficiency prevention) – RRP $20.00
- Healthy red blood cell production
- Metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins & fats
- Energy production
- Healthy immune & nervous system
- Helps prevent dietary Vit B12 deficiency

Turmeric 2000mg (anti-inflammatory for joint and brain health) – RRP $20.00
- Anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties
- Joint function & mobility
- Supports brain health

Vitamins D3 & K2 (bone health and cardiovascular support) – RRP $20.00
- Maintains bone health and supports bone mineralisation
- Promotes calcium absorption and maintains healthy calcium levels
- Supports healthy cardiovascular system function
- Healthy immune system function

The VitaQIK™ range is available now in Coles and participating pharmacies nationally at an RRP of $20.00. For further product information go to: www.henryblooms.com.au