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INX Software Launches INX Version 5.6

See What’s New in our Latest INX Version 5.6 Release

INX InControl - INX Software



Obligations Selector

The Obligation Conditions tab (which interfaces through to INX InForm) has new filters and search controls now available to assist with searching large amounts of records.

A multi-select filter for Site/Area as well as a free text field has been added to INX InControl to mirror the organisations selector in INX InForm.

INX InControl - Obligations Selector - INX Software

Exposure Hours from INX InFlight

The “Copy from InFlight” button on the Exposure Details page has been modified to not only bring in new records from INX InFlight, but to also seamlessly update existing details already imported into INX InControl to eliminate double data entry.

JPEG Preview - INX InControl

JPEG Preview

A new thumbnail preview has been added above the documents tab to allow users to preview pictures when they are added as an attachment.

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