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Is it safe to give babies and toddlers cough medicines?

While there are many cough medicines available for children in Australia, researchers say there is no evidence that these products relieve cough symptoms or help a cough to get better.

Consumer health website, www.itsmyhealth.com.au reports that over-the-counter cold remedies can do more harm than good.

Overseas reports of severe side effects in infants, mostly due to dosing errors, prompted local authorities to restrict the use of these medicines in children under two and make some available only on prescription.

Cough medicines are still available over-the-counter for children aged two years and over, but experts don’t recommend their use because there is no evidence that they do any good.

If parents feel at all concerned about their child’s cough, they should consult their GP.

The full article is available at http://www.itsmyhealth.com.au/healthy-living/mothers-and-babies/should-babies-and-young-children-be-given-cough-me.