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It’s back! The 1000 Hour Heated Eyelash Curler returns

Iconic Australian DIY lash and brow brand 1000 Hour are thrilled to announce that their Heated Eyelash Curler is once again available in Australia. After taking a short hiatus the highly request DIY beauty tool is making a comeback. The purse-sized heated eyelash curler features double heating elements to safely lift and curl lashes without crimping or breaking the strands.

Tegan Martin, 1000 Hour Ambassador says, “Aside from the lash and brow dye kits, this product from 1000 Hour comes in a close second. It’s so easy to use and it really works. For me, it’s one of my beauty kit staples and the perfect size to take with me on trips – when we’re allowed!”

1000 Hour Heated Eyelash Curler – Step by Step:
1. Remove the protective cap and slide the power switch to “ON”. The heating indicator lights up green and the preheating process automatically starts.
2. The appliance is ready to use when the colour of the temperature sensor changes from blue to transparent.
3. Place the heating curler on the base of the upper eyelash and hold it for approximately 3 seconds. Slowly move the curler upwards until you reach the tip of the eyelash.
4. Lightly press the eyelash with the wire section and hold for approximately 3 seconds to create a curl.
5. Use the Eyelash comb to comb the eyelashes for superb definition.
6. After use, slide the power switch to “OFF” to turn the appliance off. 

Please note, this product is not designed to be left in places where humidity is high, immersed in water, used by children unless supervised by an adult and not recommended if you have eye allergies or conditions.

The 1000 Hour Heated Eye Lash Curler is available now at an RRP of $19.99 from: www.1000hour.com.au

This iconic brand has been in the beauty business for over 25 years and is well known for high quality products by makeup artists and beauty lovers alike. 1000HOUR boasts product collections ranging from the ever-popular Eyelash and Eyebrow Dye Kits to false lashes, hair colour mascaras and DIY beauty tools to enhance your at-home beauty routine. The name was based on the brand’s launch product that provided a DIY tinting solution that lasted up to six weeks or 1000 hours – the lifespan of a lash.