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ITSM Corp. Releases Rethinking Your Hardware Maintenance Strategy eBook

ITSM Corp., a leading provider of infrastructure management services, is excited to announce the release of its eBook Rethinking Your Hardware Maintenance Strategy, which is available for download. This eBook gives unbiased opinion and insights on what’s going on in the IT industry specifically, concerning hardware maintenance.

ITSM Corp. published this eBook to assist IT decision makers with their current hardware maintenance dilemma and to provide eye-opening realities. Many organisations are losing a lot of money from their current hardware maintenance practices however tech leaders are either unaware or they do not know how to break free from the status quo.

The current IT landscape, with its nonstrategic spending, is not contributing to business growth. Based on research, Companies spend an average of 72% of their IT budget for keep-the-lights-on (KTLO) activities, which refer to the expenditure used for performing daily operational tasks and for routine IT system or hardware maintenance.  That leaves only 28% for innovation or for new projects.

ITSM Corp. believes that companies should really look into the value of their IT investment and create strategies based on their specific requirements and not based on what their manufacturers say.

With this eBook, ITSM Corp. would like technology leaders and business leaders alike to understand why there is a need to rethink their IT hardware maintenance strategy. It also provides recommendations of what actions organisations need to take.


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