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Kardashian TV House a Challenge

Actress and Celebrity PR queen Jessica Ross recently went on Conversation Hollywood and discussed her unique experience working on the TV house from the hit reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”

Jessica is a successful actress, reporter and publicist of Hollywood. One of her most notable projects was getting the house publicity during the campaign in 2014 which ignited her career in lifestyle and entertainment public relations.

Jessica commented “Iwas able to secure placements on many top outlets such as TMZ, Hollywood reporter, Variety etc. Many people think the Kardashians actually live in the home for. In reality, for privacy reasons, this house is not the real house, rather, it was used as the external shot due to security and privacy.


The 7843-sq. foot Studio City mansion recently sold for $5.25 million after being on and off the market for the past 11 years.

Other key takeaways from Jessica’s appearance on the show included her excellent advice on how to manage a high paced schedule within Hollywood for which is vital for any entertainment professionals to thrive there.  She recommends using apps with daily planner alongside your regular diary it help keep you on track throughout the day.According to Jessica “Building a resume of verified credits on IMDB, press interviews, networking, prioritizing your schedule, consistent posting on social media to keep agents, producers, casting directors, and fans updated on what you are doing are all important to building an acting career”. 


Host of Conversation Hollywood James Pratt said of the episode, Jess has the luxury of being successful with two separate fields within Hollywood so her advice across PR and Acting educates the audience with first-hand knowledge and advice, not everyone has the budget for a publicist so Jess’s advice to actors on how to get around this is extremely valuable.Another key takeaway from Jessica was her advice on when actors have a red-carpet event or film party in Hollywood, the most important thing is something you may not think about, - To factor in traffic and parking. Jess commented the most stressful thing for A list events in Hollywood is traffic, you have to plan ahead – I tell my clients to plan for the day and time at least 1 hour earlier.

Jessica’s episode will be coming up on iTunes the website at www.conversationhollywood.com