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KASA Factory is Offering Best Retro Arcade Machines and Stand-up Paddle Boards in Australia

KASA Factory is a top Australia-based company located in Dandenong. The company deals in products of various categories including electronics, outdoor furniture, sporting products, pizza ovens, and more. Having been a player in the industry for more than twenty-five years, the company has continued to sell their products in the Australian market at prices that are lower than those of their competitors. KASA Factory prides itself in providing goods of the highest quality and excellent customer service.

Their Vice GM, Marketing stated, “We sell cheap, and quality Stand-up paddle boards in Australia. Grab the chance to paddle your way to fitness this summer. Running or riding a bike can be repetitive after a while so you can buy a stand-up paddle board to dodge this problem. It’s been proven to be effective for fitness and engages different muscles. You will use your legs not only for stabilization during the stroke itself. You will use both your arms with delts and hand extensors throughout the stroke. Chest and upper back will be used in different parts of the paddle stroke. This is a cheap way to get a full-body workout, and improve your fitness levels.”

The company has a range of stand-up paddle boards available for sale. Whether one is a surfer looking for an alternative on flatter days or they would like to take a new, fun road on their fitness journey, they will be sure to love the stand-up paddle boards by KASA Factory. The company has two options of these paddle boards; a 15kg white Kasa Soft 11’ and a 12kg handmade KasaFibreglass 11’. They both have some shared features including a 9” center fin to assist in turning and balance, leg leash, a lightweight paddle that can be adjusted dependent on surfer’s height, and a deluxe carrier that one's board will fit snugly into for protection. They advise their clients to surf their affordable products range and get what is best for them.

The Vice GM, Marketing added, “At KASA Factory, we are devoted to ensuring you stay safe online and have your privacy protected as you shop with us. Any information you submit to us will only be used for the purpose intended and in line with our privacy statement. We have engaged modern technology to ensure we keep you safe from adversaries online. We have an inquiry form on our portal from where you can get in touch with us, and we promise to respond fast.”

They also sell the best Retro Arcade machines at the market's best prices. These products are durable and likely to serve their customers over a long time. They sell cheap 7" Screen Arcade Machine-400 video games that require 32Bit CPU 4GB memory, and 9" Screen Arcade Machine-400 video games that need 32Bit CPU 4GB memory to operate well. KASA Factory respects their customers and considers them as their first assets; they understand that their existence is pegged on customer satisfaction.

About KASA Factory

KASA Factory carries a huge assortment of products from various manufacturers and extends the attractive discounts to their customers. They stock all their products in their Melbourne warehouse to ensure they deliver them to their customers on time. They have attracted a large number of customers due to the high quality of the products they sell.