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KEEN announces its "Grab it and its Yours" Christmas Contest

10 pairs of shoes to give away each valued at $200

sockFooter.pngKEEN Footwear Australia,announced the launch of itsChristmas Contest, taking place until December 20, 2011. The winners will be selected the facebook entries and the number of friends tagged or shared.

Contestants must choose any shoe from theKEEN websitegrab the image and tag or share as many friends as possible on theKEEN Facebookwall. All 10winners will be and published ontheKEENwebsiteandfacebookpage on the 22nd of December 2011.

Theprizesare: 10 pairs of contestants' choice out of the many shoes available online on theKEEN website. Each pair valued at around $200.

Contestants must upload the image of the shoe of their choice and tag or share as many of their friends as possible in order to win. Multiple entries are permitted. Winners will be announced on theKEEN websiteandfacebookpage.

For further information, click here.