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Keep data safe from police

Forget the criminals, lets get the small business.

If you have a small business in Queensland, Australia, you have a very real chance of being the target of data theft from the police. Police without warrants have been stealing sensitive business data with no explanation or genuine reason. Tradespeople on job sites are no exception. Police turning up to steal business records is becoming a serious threat to the livelihood of small business people. “They turn up at high speed and with flashing lights to cause maximum embarrassment” one Queensland small business owner told me. “The police from the Mount Gravatt division stole everything from my phone. All my records were stolen. There was no warrant, no genuine explanation, it was just theft.” 318CB71D00000578-3463840-The_violent_inc

Queensland Police in large force with more then 7 officers have been using intimidation tactics to force small business people to hand over business documents. One small business owner targeted in a unwarranted attack said “I asked them why! All I got was silence and nonsense.” “The police in Queensland answer to nobody. You make a complaint to the police or the CCC, you get no response.” “Police cant investigate police.”

One small business man was “tortured” when he would not give police his iphone code. “The police came in great numbers” “When I would not give them my phone code, they took me to the middle of the street and sexually assaulted me” “I could not believe the brutality of these police” “I was just at work, minding my business.” “I thought the police were there to protect the people of Queensland. Now I know the police out to get me! Well that is what they said! I did nothing wrong. Sexually assaulted in the street for my business records is too much.” “Put on a special list.” “I make the complaint, but never anyone got back to me.” “They sexually assault me in front of my customers.”

John a Brisbane locksmith, said he has heard of an attack on a locksmith at a customers house.  The attack from police made absolutely no sense and business records where stolen.  He recommends if you are keeping records, keep them on a secure device which police can not crack.  At the moment one of the only devices that can keep data secure is an iPhone.  Apple are standing their ground and not giving police access to personal and business data stored on the iPhone.

QLD police commissioner Ian Stewart as part of the Queensland police integrity framework wrote “ Our most valuable asset in policing Queensland is our reputation and the confidence and trust that inspires in the community. Only with high levels of trust and confidence can we expect our community to work with us in delivering quality policing services across the State. In support of our vision we undertake to deliver our services with fairness and integrity. As a contemporary police service we realise that maintaining our integrity is critical to the performance of the organisation”

While the police commissioner Ian Stewart might talk highly of Queensland police integrity, the boots on the ground do not reflect his message. With small business being the largest employers in Australia, losing their confidence and trust will make for an uneasy future in Queensland. It seems the real integrity of the police force is reflected in comments made by high ranking officers. Such as “You spit in my face, you may very well get a punch in the face. Absolutely”, which is at odds with its very own campaigns such as “One punch can kill”. The people of QLD expect their police officers to be above reproach and to always treat them with respect and dignity. The actions of the QLD police in assaulting and stealing from businesses is a sign of the contempt for the largest portion of the population. Lets hope the QLD police can truly become an ethical police force.