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Keeping buyers at the yards virtually during COVID-19

Online platform supporting livestock sales

StockLive offers an innovative solution with its online auction and livestreaming platform. The platform
allows buyers to view and bid on physical saleyard auctions from anywhere in the country.

StockLive Manager Libby Hufton sees huge potential for the platform to support a strong market despite
restrictions keeping buyers away from the auction rail. “We are working with a number of saleyards in NSW,
VIC and QLD to ensure that the buying public can engage with their sales without them needing to physically
attend the sale.”

Users of StockLive, whether they be farmers, meat buyers or agents, can on any device, from anywhere
participate on any interfaced sale.

“Our platform is focussed on breaking down the physical barriers that have the potential to limit the
agricultural industry. We believe that all vendors should have the opportunity to present their stock to the
broadest array of buyers possible, which underpins a strong competitive market.”

Physical auctions are critical to the industry and StockLive wants to make sure that they continue to assist
producers in achieving a healthy return on their livestock by enabling online bidding by buyers in various
saleyards across the country at the same time or on the same day.

Ms Hufton noted, “Being able to provide services that ensure saleyards remain open so that vendors can
sell livestock to a full complement of buyers is extremely important to the industry and the nation’s food
supply during the uncertainty created by COVID-19.”

The platform is already being utilised across the eight Regional Livestock Exchange facilities and there is
strong interest from other saleyard operators and agents keen to see the system. Most recently the platform
was launched at the Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange, Casino on 26th March for Day two of the 45th
Annual Three Day Weaner Sale. The platform was used by 730 people with very positive feedback from
agents, buyers and viewers.

Regular StockLive user, Damian Atkins from Caveside, Tasmania has purchased store cattle from central
NSW and northern Victoria over the past 12 months via the StockLive platform. Mr Atkins who has
participated in over 25 auctions through StockLive noted, “The platform enables me to easily and reliably
purchase livestock from the mainland via my laptop without leaving the farm.

“I don’t have any downtime and the platform is easy to use so I can buy with confidence through a live
interface to the physical auction. The cattle we have purchased through StockLive have transported
seamlessly and are among the best of any cattle we have brought from the mainland”.

The StockLive platform has been in use for many years, including the Elite Livestock Auctions platform, and
is extremely robust and secure. The team provides training, on-site and phone support and documentation
to ensure that operators are supported in the set up of the platform.

“We know only too well the pressures of sale morning and the expectations on saleyard operators so we
see the support we offer as crucial to making our platform work for everyone – from vendor and agent to
operators and buyers,” said Ms Hufton.