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Kelray Heating supplies heating solution beneath Auckland Harbour Bridge

Kelray outdoor heating has been approached by AJ Hackett Bungee to supply outdoor heating products for their bungee jumping facility located underneath Auckland's Harbour Bridge. 

The company was chosen as the contractor for this assignment as, AJ Hackett Bungee needed an outdoor heating solution that could handle the challenging weather conditions present beneath the Harbour Bridge. 

As the sole NZ producer of outdoor heaters that use 316 marine grade steel, Kelray was the lone supplier whose heaters would be able to tolerate the strong, heavily-salted westerly winds present beneath the bridge. 

Co-director of Kelray, Kelvin Davis explains how their range of heaters was the best option for the often harsh environment. 

 “The job posed some obvious hurdles that would have proved rather challenging for many radiant heater suppliers in to get past.”

Because of a number of regulations surrounding the Harbour Bridge, Kelray’s installation team were prevented from drilling into the bridge to install their infrared heaters. Kelray were able to get around this issue by designing custom made struts that safely support each heater.

“Most of the outdoor heating product found in NZ are manufactured overseas. So custom design alterations are very expensive and really not worthwhile when orders are small.”

“Our capacity to remain flexible - make changes to our heaters to fit specific circumstances, and produce an economical heating solution made us the perfect candidate for this job”.