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Last Minute Planning Tips for a Gold Coast Holiday Trip From Cheap and Affordable Gold Coast Airport Car Hire Rentals Companies in Queensland

Last Minute Planning for a Gold Coast Holiday Trip

For thousands of holidaymakers, the countdown is on for the forthcoming school holidays and festive season. For many of them, the destination will be the Gold Coast, Australia’s favourite holiday destination, and their arrival is just around the corner. And whether they’ve got tickets and bookings in hand, or are still trying to organise a last-minute trip, it’s time for some heavy-duty last-minute planning, according to Gold Coast Family Car Rentals CEO, Darryl Essington-Wilson.

While early planning for a trip to a city like Gold Coast, is certainly a wise move, Darryl believes not all doors are closed to those still wanting to make a visit this season. And the unclosed doors include those on the car rentals they will need in order to enjoy the scenic beauty and entertainment available on the Gold Coast.

Flexibility and Perseverance

However, he says access to the three basic requirements of any Gold Coast holiday - how to get to there, where to stay, and how to get around while there – is becoming more limited with each passing day. This might mean that last-minute holidaymakers need to show greater flexibility with regards to dates of arrival and departure, and perseverance when it comes to finding suitable flights and accommodation.

Once these aspects have been researched, investigated and booked, both the early birds and late planners can get onto the fun side of things, like deciding what to do and see while staying on the Gold Coast, and finding the right rental car to hire, says Darryl.

Last Minute Checklist

But it doesn’t stop there - further planning is necessary to ensure a happy holiday, and no nasty shocks on returning home. Darryl’s advice on getting ready to travel starts with packing wisely by choosing clothing to suit the summer weather and planned activities, including suntan lotions, sunglasses and sufficient quantities of any prescribed medication, and being sure to take relevant documents, wallets, cell phones and cameras.

However, he also recommends taking steps to ensure the security and safety of their home. To avoid possible electrical problems arising as a result of equipment failure, floods, or fire while they are away, Darryl recommends that, at the very least, holidaymakers turn off TVs, bedside lights, kettles and other appliances which won’t be used while they are away. These should be switched off at the wall socket, and removed from the socket where possible, as inline toggle switches, auto-offs and standbys on electrical goods can prove dangerous. If possible, fridges should be left free of perishable items, bins emptied and freezers cleared to prevent nasty (and smelly) homecomings should the power fail.

Ensuring the Safety of the Home

Even better, Darryl says, would be to turn off the trip switches at the distribution board for circuits that will not be used, like the hot water unit, stove, dishwasher and washing machine, as well as unnecessary lights. However, care must be taken to leave active those circuits powering security systems like the alarm and security lights, as well as the fridge and freezer, unless both are empty. Switching gas off at the cylinder, and water at the mains would also be a wise move in case of any leaks.

Darryl, who moved to the Gold Coast and opened his family car rentals operation there 17 years ago, has handed rental car keys to many holidaymakers over the years. To take advantage of his best-value-guaranteed service in the Gold Coast area, and particularly from Coolangatta to Surfers Paradise, and including the Gold Coast Airport, make sure to book onlinewith Car Hire Gold Coast or Gold Coast Airport Car Rental, or call + 61 7 5508 3333. Pick up and drop off at the Gold Coast Airport can be arranged.

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