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Launch of new cyber safety children’s book dealing with cyberbullying

“How We Got Cyber Smart” by Lisa Rothfield-Kirschner


How We Got Cyber Smart is a children’s book that follows the online adventure of twins Olivia and Jack, as they navigate the challenging issues of cyberbullying and online safety. It tells the story of how they became cyber smart and how they stay safe online by learning about cyber safety and dealing with their online bully. The book provides practical advice to parents, caregivers and children in how to protect themselves online, making it a useful tool that helps start the conversation about online safety and safe online habits.

The information presented in How We Got Cyber Smart draws from realistic online events that people commonly face. The author explains the dangers of the Internet in terms elementary school-aged children will understand. It incorporates the challenge of cyber safety in today’s world and addresses this concern in the lives of two school-aged twins Olivia and Jack and how their parents help navigate their online experiences.

Anti-social and criminal behaviour such as cyberbullying, stalking and harassment online isn’t going away. Teaching children about prevention, fostering empathy and resilience is key. There is no doubt that mental health and wellbeing are impacted by cyberbullying and through this book, children, their parents and caregivers will learn about the importance of safe online practices, and what to do if they experience any negative online behaviour.

The Australian Government esafety commissioner (@eSafetyOffice) has reported the following: 

·   1 in 5 Australian young people reported being socially excluded, threatened or abused online.

·   55% sought help from their parents, 28% from their friends; 38% blocked the offending social media account, 12% reported it to the website or platform.

·   1 in 5 Australian young people (15% of kids, 24% of teens) admitted behaving in a negative way to a peer online — such as calling them names, deliberately excluding them, or spreading lies or rumours. Of these, more than 90% had had a negative online experience themselves.

The author of How We Got Cyber Smart, Lisa Rothfield-Kirschner is a mum of school aged children herself.

“I am passionate about informing and raising awareness to children, their parents, teachers and caregivers about the dangers of the internet and digital technologies” Ms Rothfield-Kirschner said.

“I am excited to be launching this children’s book to help inform and educate people while giving them practical advice on how to stay safe online”.

Lisa currently works in marketing in the technology sphere and lives in Melbourne with her husband and sons.

How We Got Cyber Smart is published by Rembrandt Street Publishing and available now globally on Amazon and all major online book retailers in both paperback and e-book formats and via https://howwegotcybersmart.com