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Leading Gold Coast Electrician, EJ Electrical Works, Reveals Best Residential and Commercial LED Lighting Technology Near Me in the Northern Rivers and Tweed Heads NSW

EJ Electrical Works Calls on Consumers to Switch to LED

EJ Barnes, proprietor of EJ Electrical Works on Australia’s Gold Coast, reminds local residents of the importance of making the change to LED lighting.

The benefits will extend beyond energy cost savings. According to Barnes, LED light globes last 25 times longer than old-fashioned incandescent lights. In other words, if the light is left on 24/7, it will last for approximately three years. As a result, consumers can expect a significant drop in the overall cost of lighting when they adopt LED.

“If everyone were to switch to LED lighting, that would make a huge difference to carbon emissions from power generation. And if that feels a bit distant their home or business situation, then just think of the cumulative savings on an electricity bill,” says Barnes.

Barnes warns that we should expect some differences in lighting performance and properties. These need not be a disadvantage. LED light is directional, whereas incandescent lighting radiates equally in every direction including upwards. This can mean that lighting design requires minor alterations to compensate.

But, Barnes points out that the directionality of LED lighting allows for some interesting possibilities. For example, lighting can be targeted to form a wash of light against a wall with the rest of the room enjoying indirect light. It therefore allows for new interior décor possibilities such as highlighting specific features and focal points and allows for specifically targeted ambiance.

In commercial settings, LED lights are useful for illuminating shelving, making the products “shine out” when shoppers browse shelves. In addition, the fact that LED light is cool allows for its use in the illumination of refrigerated displays.

There is also constant development in LED lighting technology. For example, when LED lights first became available to the public, the cool colour of the light was not suited to all aesthetic preferences. But nowadays, warmer lighting colours are available.

In many instances, making the change to LED could simply mean buying a different type of globe. This is especially true in domestic settings. And if homes utilise down-lights, the LED globes will allow for better targeting of the light allowing for improved distribution of light across interior spaces.

However, in commercial settings such as shops, offices, and restaurants, or when homeowners hope to achieve special lighting effects, changing to LED lighting may require some alterations in lighting design.

“If consumers use old light fittings and luminaries, there could be compatibility issues that will affect the quality of light and the lifespan of their LED lighting. However, in many instances, retrofitting is completely feasible,” he explains. “Even if consumers redesign their lighting layout and switch fittings and luminaries, they may well find that the new system pays for itself quite quickly. A qualified electrician can inform consumers to know what changes will cost and how much electricity they’ll save.”

LED lights are the future of lighting. All the authorities seem to agree, and the Carbon Trust actively campaigns to encourage people to make the change.

Note: When interested in LED lighting on the Gold Coast or in the Northern Rivers NSW region, visit EJ Electrical Works website or call 1300 DIAL EJ, that’s 1300 342 535.

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