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LED High Bay Lights Upgrade In Victoria

We are offering free and rebated installation of LED high bays lights at your business under the government program.

High bay LED lights -- as its name suggests -- are designed to illuminate a large space where the height of the ceiling is greater than 6 meters(20 feet). High bay workspaces -- where high bay lights are commonly used -- are generally designed for industrial production, warehousing, and storage, or large exhibition & convention halls. 

Why do we recommend LED high bay lights replacements?

When compared to older lighting technologies like induction high bay lights(HIDs), metal halide high bays, or fluorescent high bay lights -- LED high bay lights offer significantly lesser power-up time and a lifespan that surpasses 50000 hours(metal halides typically lasts for 10K hours).

LED high bay lights are far less susceptible to lumen depreciation -- light output or LED high bay lights would not reduce over time. L70 life(70% of initial light output) of LED high bay lights is 50K hours which is huge when compared to conventional high bay lights like metal halide or Induction high bay light that reaches its L70 life at around 6K hours. LED high bay lights are easier to dim than HID or metal halides.

With our FREE LED High bay lights replacements, there will be:

1) 60-80% reduction in power bills over HID/Metal Halides/Fluorescent high bay light fixtures.
2) No operational delay due to a long warm-up time required by HID or Metal Halide High bay lights.
3) Significant reduction in maintenance costs due to a long lifespan of LED high bay lights.
4) Improved visibility & safety of your workplace due to high lumen LED high bay lights.
5) Reduce upfront costs by availing government rebates under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program.

How LED high bay lighting fixtures can control light distribution and intensity?

LED high bays lighting fixture provides a uniform and high-quality light with little glare. To achieve the required illumination level and intensity, different types of reflections are used with LED high bay fixtures. To focus light vertically on the floor, aluminum reflectors are attached to high bay fixtures. Diffused lighting can be achieved with prismatic reflectors.

What are the types of LED High Bays?

Different kinds of LED high bay lights provide a range of light intensity and light distribution patterns. Your choice of a suitable LED high bay lights rely upon existing conditions like area and height of the ceiling of your workplace.

1) Linear High Bays

Linear LED high bays look almost identical to its predecessor compact fluorescent lights They come in different designs and attributes like dimmable or non-dimmable. Linear high bays are ideal for lighting an aisle or a bay.

Benefits Of Linear High Bay Lights

1) Linear LED high bays have a wider beam angle.
2) There is no "spotlight" effect.
3) The rectangular shape of linear LED high bays makes it conducive to light a bay or an aisle.

UFO LED High Bays

UFO high bays - as their name implies -- are circular in form with circular beams of light. They are smaller than linear LED high bay lights.

Benefits UFO LED High Bays

1) Easy to install.
2) Pretty design.
3) Beam angle can be increased or decreased.

Where LED High Bays can be utilized?

LED high bay lights find numerous uses in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. From warehouses, factories, assembly lines on factory floors, large recreation centers, and gyms -- LED high bay lights can be seen at a workplace with a high ceiling. These lamps are excellent for lighting warehouses and as a matter of fact, they can be installed at any place with a ceiling height of more than 20 feet.

LED High bay lighting fixtures are most suited for:
1) Factory floors & large production space.
2) Large retail stores.
3) Warehouses.
4) Gyms & recreation centers.

LED High Bay Replacement is done under the VEU Government Program

We replace old lights with energy-efficient LED lights under the VEU program (formerly knowns as VEET Scheme). VEU is an acronym for the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. Regulated by the ESC (Essential Services Commission), the VEU program helps Victorians businesses, small and big, reduce their power bills and greenhouse gas emissions by providing access to subsidised/discounted energy efficient product and services.
Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) are created for each energy upgrade we do. These VEECs are sold to energy retailers who are bound to buy and surrender a certain amount of certificates to meet annual target set in Victorian legislation.

We offer FREE/rebated installation of LED high bays lights at your business under the government program. Taking advantage of the VEU rebate scheme, the Victorian businesses can upgrade their existing HPS and halogen high bay lights to new LED high bays for absolutely no cost.