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Legrand Software Releases Interface With Sybiz Accounting

Legrand CRM, Australia's most effective business management software for small to medium enterprise announces the release of Version 1.8 of their popular software, providing users with a working interface to the Sybiz accounting system.

In practical terms, this means immediate access for front office staff to the Sybiz accounting database and the ability to view a customers outstanding balance or credit rating without the need to invoke the full accounting system. In addition, Legrand CRM users can also send and receive customer address and phone/fax changes between their CRM and accounting databases.

Thanks to its Free Upgrade policy, all licensed users of Legrand CRM can obtain a free upgrade to version 1.8, simply by contacting Legrand Software.

Legrand CRM is a networked application that keeps track of all business activities with customers and prospects and delivers immediate access and sharing of critical business information to all people in the organisation. This includes customer information (including the names of all contacts), keywords to separate, classify or select customers, a calendar of recent activities as well as the ability to plan sales and marketing campaigns, record notes and then track or graph any outcomes.

Legrand CRM is extremely easy to use and works directly with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, MYOB, FinancePlus accounting and now, Sybiz accounting. It is a practical CRM system that delivers immediate benefits.

Users wishing to see Legrand CRM in action can contact Legrand Software to obtain a free step-by-step demonstration multimedia CD.
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