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‘Funding local projects is extremely important and a great way to invest in our community.’ Inner North Community Foundation Chair, Kevin Breen

$216,000 from the Inner North Community Foundation’s ‘Pathways to Employment’ fund will provide more than 600 local people with meaningful opportunities to break down barriers to employment. This year’s grant round will see funding go to 14 local organisations whose projects help disadvantaged community members.

The funding makes a significant difference for organisations operating in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne, such as CERES in East Brunswick which will develop a shared community cooking space, Fitted for Work in Northcote which will help unemployed women prepare for job interviews, and the Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association which will work with youth who have been in contact with the criminal justice system.

Inner North Community Foundation Chair, Kevin Breen, says “The Inner North Community Foundation provides people in the inner north of Melbourne with the opportunity to give where they live and share in the wonderful outcomes that the project participants experience. With the foundation nearing a milestone of half a $1 million dollars in distributed funding, we are proud of the achievements made in the four years since establishment. Funding local projects is extremely important and a great way to invest in our community.”

The grants support local organisations within the municipalities of Darebin, Moreland, and Yarra providing a variety of programs that assist participants with training in preparation for employment and work experience placements. The programs have longer term flow on effects which benefit the whole community as well as directly developing the skills of the program participants.

The Inner North Community Foundation funding has helped bridge the gap between unemployment and work for people who find access to work difficult since 2007 through community advocacy and its annual grant round. This year’s grant round announcement of successful recipients will be held at The Fitzroy Learning Network, on Tuesday 09 August at 11am. Interested parties are encouraged to attend.