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McKays Solicitors Improves Client Service with BigHand

McKays decreases document turnaround times and improves client service

Sydney, Australia, 4 September 2013 – McKays Solicitors, a leading law practice with multiple offices in Queensland, has improved client service levels since the introduction of BigHand Digital Dictation. This has been achieved through a significant decrease in document turnaround times and backlog using BigHand’s digital dictation, smartphone application and speech recognition solutions.

The practice found that having the latest technology is also key in attracting staff, which was another reason for the move – with more lawyers requesting modern technology. Kerri Borg, General Manager Administration at McKays, explains: “we are now finding when we meet with new lawyers who are interested in working with us, they are impressed with our investment and ongoing commitment to innovative, leading edge technologies”.

Since implementing BigHand early last year, McKays has experienced steady time savings and faster client response times from the central management of dictations. The ability to share work between secretarial staff and greater transparency of work in progress for management ensures fee earning work is turned around faster.

McKays recently rolled out speech recognition to capitalise further on the efficiencies this technology enables, with proven results. The practice has introduced this functionality to all of their fee earners.

Simone Collie, Information Systems Manager comments: “we are certainly seeing gains in efficiency. BigHand’s Speech Recognition is saving significant amounts of time, allowing us to always deliver service excellence to our clients. The ability to send work to the speech recognition server for automatic transcription, and then allocate to available support staff to proof, allows the work to be completed without delay”.

The smartphone application has had a positive impact on client service levels, with fee earners often dictating instructions to staff in front of clients. This has proven to be an interesting competitive edge, and well received by clients. Kerri Borg continues: “that’s what the client wants - to see something is already happening”.


About BigHand
The BigHand Group supports over 170,000 professionals globally, across 1,600 organisations, and is
based out of Chicago, London, Sydney and Toronto. BigHand’s voice productivity technology combines workflow digital dictation, smartphone applications and speech recognition to offer the legal market a technology that allows attorneys to use their voice to get more done while improving operational efficiencies and reducing overhead costs.

Further info is available at www.bighand.com. You can also follow BigHand on Twitter at www.twitter.com/BigHand_Oz or view the LinkedIn company page, www.linkedin.com/company/bighand