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Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal Technique — Safe And Best Hair Removal Procedure At Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic

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The most common problem faced by everyone is getting rid of unwanted hair in a safe way. Customers find it hard to trust techniques used for hair removal as they are not sure how safe they are. Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic uses medical grade laser hair removal process to get rid of unwanted hair and excess hair. The clinics also specialize in cheap laser hair removal procedures that control ingrown hairs too.

Medical grade laser hair removal routine has become very popular because they eliminate pain of waxing, and reduces hassles of regular shaving. This most famous laser technique that is also considered as cheap laser hair removal method takes a minimum of six sessions and the target area can be more than one place on a body. The few areas where the procedure specializes are underarm, bikini line, legs to name a few.

Medical grade laser hair removal involves the laser emitting light of a particular wave length that can be absorbed by melanin (pigment in hair). If the area around the hair is lighter than hair colour, the entire energy of the laser will be concentrated in the hair shaft, thus effectively destroying it without effecting skin or follicle. This is one of the reasons why this cheap laser hair removal technique works well on light skin and dark coarse hair which has most pigment.

Therapy clinics like Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic use only Medical grade laser hair removal as opposed to IPL (intense Pulsed light). This technique which is generally confused with laser treatment uses xenon flash lamps that emit full spectrum light. This technique is cheaper than laser treatment but not referred by most clients as they have not found it satisfactory.

The Medical grade laser hair removal at Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic is more effective than IPL. The few benefits for going for this hair removal technique are:

Each laser precisely targets the hair, thus not damaging skin around hair.
Most of the laser pulses last less than one second that treats several hairs at once. One laser pulse can be used for large areas.
Laser systems can be customized to suit skin tone and hair colour.
Heat generated by laser machines is absorbed by follicle, making it safer for darker skin that at sometimes have chances of burning or pigmentation changes.

About Us:

The staff of Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic is a team of experienced and dedicated skin and laser hair removal professionals. Our experts are well trained medical staff and dermal clinicians who perform consultation and provide services like Medical grade laser hair removal and other techniques. We provide our clients with the best options at every stage from the first meeting, during and after our service.