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Melbourne to host the world premiere of Blockchain documentary, “Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet”

MELBOURNE, Australia, Thursday 9th January 2020 - The world tour of Torsten Hoffmann’s new documentary, Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of Internet will kick off in Melbourne on 14th January.

Five years after his first film, Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It, the filmmaker revisits Bitcoin and sets out to explore the evolution of the blockchain industry and its new promise. Can this technology, designed to operate independent of trust and within a decentralised network, really provide a robust alternative to the Internet as we know it?

Bitcoin has been called one of the most disruptive technologies of our times, threatening banks by building an alternative and decentralised currency system. Some say that blockchain could provide a blueprint for a better and fairer Internet - challenging the dominating technology giants. 

Despite this potential, Bitcoin’s value has a volatile history and the community has had its fair share of drama. Moreover, much of the media coverage is often misinformed or misleading, leaving the general public confused about the technology and its larger implications. “Blockchains are one component of a much bigger vision, which is web3.0”, says Andreas M. Antonopoulos in the third act of the film about the future of the Internet.

This Screen Australia supported and crowdfunded feature documentary introduces the ‘big brains and big egos’ of this controversial industry including Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Laura Shin, Dr. Jemma Green, Charlie Lee, Vitalik Buterin, Dr. Robert Kahn, Vinny Lingham, Tone Vays, Preethi Kasireddy, Wences Casares, Samson Mow, Roger Ver, Craig Wright, and many more.

The world premiere is sponsored and supported by some key stakeholders in the blockchain sector; Blockchain Australia, CoinJar, Independent Reserve, TravelbyBit, Amber, RMIT Online, BraveNewCoin, Nugget’s News, AlphaWallet, DaybyDay, Decred and BANXA. There will be sponsor giveaways, including free cryptocurrency. Industry leaders Alan Tsen (SideFund), Karen Cohen (Blockchain Australia) and others will open the night with a short panel discussion.

"As a community-directed cryptocurrency focused on building sound money with inclusive governance, Decred is committed to developing the global blockchain ecosystem and proud to sponsor this exclusive launch event. Our emerging industry needs to reach mainstream users, and the documentary #CryptopiaFilm may help to educate a broader audience.” said Decred’s David Habibi. 

The filmmaker will travel to Europe, North America and Asia after the January 14th premiere in Melbourne to showcase the movie that was produced on four continents over two years. 

Join the award-winning director/producer Torsten Hoffmann on his journey to better understand this decentralised technology and the promise of web3.0. Tickets for this exclusive premiere event at the Treasury Theatre at 6:45pm on January 14th are currently on sale at www.CryptopiaFilm.com.

"We're excited to be sponsoring the upcoming Melbourne premiere of Torsten’s new film. It's an eye-opening documentary, which approaches the blockchain question without an obvious agenda. We’ll be providing free giveaways to all attendees" - CoinJar’s CEO Asher Tan. 

Social Media - @CryptopiaFilm

Tickets - www.CryptopiaFilm.com