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Tips from a life coach on surviving financial tough times

Surviving the latest financial world crisis requires more than cutting costs, a change in the mindset is necessary according to a Melbourne well-being expert.

Life coach and author of the The 7 Secrets to Success, Theodore Basil has spent years steering people out of personal crisis and is adamant that the level of action and planning committed to reaching goals is the answer.

A former financial advisor, Mr Basil has witnessed clients crumble or triumph in difficult times based not on their bank balance but their approach to the situation.

“For the majority of people, financial security is their number one goal and when it doesn’t go to plan, their focus shifts which compounds the problem,” said Mr Basil.

The life Coach is quick to add he isn’t endorsing a ‘think positive and everything will be fine’ solution to the money woes of Australians.

“A positive attitude is certainly a bonus, however there needs to be a plan of action and some basic common sense,”

During Mr Basil’s Secret to Success workshops he conducts for the corporate sector, professional sport clubs, small business owners, couples and individuals, he recommends some simple practical steps.

1.First ask yourself three questions, what am I doing in my life financially? what works? what doesn’t work ?

2.Focus on your attention and effort on what works for you financially. You have a proven blueprint; don’t lose sight of that amongst the negative.

3.Write down your financial goals, and be precise about what you want even if it’s to clear your smallest debt, and physically writing it down makes it real objective.

4.Educate yourself, you can never learn enough about a subject including daily budgeting – remember knowledge is power.

5.You’re not own your own, talk to friends or family who have similar financial goals and share information.

“People are a lot more resilient than they give themselves credit for, they just don’t know it, and the workshops certainly reveal this,” said Mr Basil. “During crisis, financial or personal, many people forget all the great things they have achieved, this is the first thing they must change.”


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