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MiniMovers Clears Assertions of Being the Movers Behind the Recent Deebing Heights Situation

There has been some commotion online, especially in Facebook, with people campaigning to boycott MiniMovers, Australia’s Most Recommended Removalist after a situation in Deebing Heights last Wednesday, 6th of March 2019.


Weeks of protest at the known Aboriginal site has broken into an unpeaceful situation between the police and the demonstrators fighting to protect the land. While some news videos and images are spreading like wildfire in social media showing MiniMovers’ trucks in the background, the company wishes to clarify the real story behind those pictures and videos.


“On the afternoon of Wednesday 6th of March, we received a phone call from a client wishing to book two trucks to come to an address in Deebing Heights. At no stage was MiniMovers made aware of the situation. Our drivers proceeded to the site to be met with understandable emotion.


Our drivers were then directed to the site. At that stage it became apparent that the situation was one which MiniMovers could not morally support. At that stage our drivers called the office to explain the situation.


On being informed of the situation it was immediately decided that this was an action which we did not support, and our drivers were told to reject the job and leave the site immediately,” said Stephen Herbert, spokesperson of MiniMovers. “The images in the press have portrayed our company as being the one who removed the Traditional Owners belongings. Again, this is not the case. We rejected the job and left the property. We have been receiving messages from people who would like their belongings returned to them. However, as much as we would like to help, we do not have their things as we weren’t the ones who did the move.”


The 35-year-old company has been a strong Australian brand in the local moving industry and is saddened by what’s currently going on in Deebing Heights. “As a company, we do not condone or support the development of this site or the removal of the traditional owners from this land. The History of this such need protection,” Stephen Herbert continued. “We would like to offer our deepest apologies to the Yuggera Ugarapul Tribal Elders and offer them support for their cause.”