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Mitre Wiz cuts corners and saves money on tiling jobs

New Australian invention makes professional tiling easy

A new Australian invention is helping amateur home renovators look like professional tilers.

Mitre Wiz, attaches to a grinder and creates perfect-cut 45 degree mitred-edges on tiles in a few seconds.  It has been acclaimed as an essential tool by professional tilers as well as DIY beginners.

The tool, which sells for less than $20 at Bunnings stores around Australia, saves tilers time and money as they don’t need to use a wet-saw for angled edges or attach unfashionable trims to finish the corners on tiling jobs.

Mitre Wiz inventor Troy Moncrieff said the Mitre Wiz has revolutionized tiling.

“The Mitrewiz is so easy to use.  You just clip it on to a four-inch grinder and it works like a guide to cut all sorts of tiles in a few seconds.

“It’s so much easier than using a wetsaw and there’s virtually no risk of chipping the tiles.

“DIY tilers can forget the stress and mess of using a wetsaw or the expense of having the tiles pre-cut at the tile shop.  Instead they can easily create perfect mitred edges themselves,” said Troy.

The tool cuts at a precise 45-degree angle and when the corner tiles are grouted together, it forms the perfect 90-degree edge for clean and modern lines for all indoor and outdoor tiling. 

To view the Mitre Wiz in action, check out this video.

For more information please visit www.mitrewiz.com.


Editors notes:

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