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More Advertisers Now Turning to Viral Video Marketing

Video production firm in Brisbane reveals why viral video marketing is now an essential component in effective marketing strategy.

Brisbane, March 21, 2013 - As Internet usage continues to rise, and more mobile devices are now connected to the Internet, viral videos are rapidly gaining a reputation as “traffic magnets” among savvy Internet marketers. From sole proprietors of small Internet marketing operations to multi-billion dollar companies such as Nike, more and more advertisers are leveraging the power of viral videos to provide traffic to their websites.
A viral video is loosely defined as any video that receives large amounts of views on the Internet on the strength of being shared multiple times. The sharing usually occurs when a video is mentioned on numerous blogs and numerous social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter. For example, a recent search on YouTube revealed a video titled “Inspired Bicycles” which received over 32,000,000 views in three years. A video with 100 movie insults received over 21,000,000 views.
Recently, a major marketing company conducted an international survey of executives at top media buying firms and creative advertising agencies and their clients. The results of the survey were a source of encouragement for many in the video production industry.
According to the survey, 80% of the professionals who participated in the survey referred to themselves as “very familiar” with viral video. Approximately 49% are “interested” in viral video, and approximately 23% expressed what they called a “high level” of interest.
56% of clients who conducted a viral video campaign were “pleased” with the results they obtained. Less than 3% of the clients reported being “displeased” with the results of their viral video campaigns.
Opinions differ greatly on what constitutes a successful video campaign. Participants were given the choice of using 100,000, 250,000, 500,000, or 1 million as a benchmark for success. While 28% of those who responded chose 1 million as their threshold for success, the other three numbers shared the remaining votes almost equally.

Approximately 95% were of the opinion that tracking and reporting effectiveness of campaigns had room for improvement.
When asked to choose which benefits they had received from viral video marketing from a list, slightly over 92% chose “exponential views”, while 87.2% chose “brand engagement.” Other factors commonly chosen were online reach and having an image as a forward-thinking brand.
According to Michael Hanson, owner of Video Labs, the results of the survey are great news, not only for everyone in the video production industry, but his clients as well: “We have been aware of the benefits of viral video marketing for a long time, but we are always glad to see industry studies agree with what we have experienced as truth. We have seen firsthand how powerful and effective video marketing can be, for both small and large businesses.”
Hanson continued, “The magic of viral video is that it becomes viral by the most effective form of advertising known to man: word-of-mouth advertising. Before the dawn of the Internet age, word-of-mouth marketing was still very effective, but not nearly as far-reaching. Now, because the Internet allows instantaneous communication, and social networks are so effective, a video that goes viral can be viewed by millions of people.”
Hanson concluded, “It only takes one great video to put your company in front of millions of people.”

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