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MTC Australia Seeks Volunteer Mentors for Youth Frontiers 2019

Youth Frontiers is a NSW Government-funded youth mentoring program that connects students aged 12–16 with adult volunteer mentors.

The program is targeted at students with the capacity to benefit from the support of a mentor, and helps them develop their confidence, leadership skills and community connectedness.

MTC Australia is offering the Youth Frontiers program across South West and Western Sydney and the Nepean regions in 2019, and is on the lookout for volunteers that are interested in mentoring young people.

“We’re looking for volunteers who are compassionate; good listeners; have positive attitudes, patience and understanding,” said Natalija Gicevska, Youth Frontiers Program Manager at MTC Australia. “Essentially, a good mentor is anyone who is passionate about empowering young people.”

Volunteers should be available to mentor a minimum of 10 hours over a 6-month period, and must also undergo a criminal history and Working With Children Check. Mentors receive training and ongoing support throughout the process.

Adam Yasa volunteered as a Youth Frontiers mentor with MTC in 2018, and said, “We all get caught up in our day-to-day lives and don’t have much time to stop and take in what is going on around us. This experience has allowed me to be involved in my community, hear some of the challenges and offer help where I can.

“It has allowed me to apply my experience and knowledge to help young people within my community. In a way, it has helped reshape my perspective.”

MTC is also accepting enrolments from young people aged 12–16 who want to be mentored. Students can be referred by their school, or their parent/guardian.

“Schools value the program because it gives students an opportunity to improve their self-esteem, as well as opportunities to set and meet personal goals,” said Ms Gicevska. “Some students do not have many positive adult role models so the program is useful in providing them with one. Schools also like the program because students get involved in a variety of workshops that are tailored to their needs and interests.”

Parents, guardians and interested volunteers can apply for Youth Frontiers by contacting MTC Australia on 1300 232 663 or info@mtcaustralia.com.au. Find out more at mtcaustralia.com.au/youth-frontiers.


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