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Nathaniel Hardy, Advisory Consultant, USA West Coast

With expertise in soils, horticulture, and organic waste recycling, Citygreen consultant, Nathaniel Hardy, offers a rare and comprehensive blend of experience. As a Soil Scientist and Horticultural Scientist, Nathaniel completed a Bachelor of Science (Majoring in Horticulture and Soil Science) with first class honours, followed by a Masters of Business Administration through the Macquarie Graduate School of Management.

Out in the field, he has succeeded in a variety of advisory roles across numerous industries, including: wholesale ornamental horticulture, the cut flower industry, retail horticulture, soil science consulting, soil manufacturing, and organics recycling.

Today, in his role as Advisory Consultant at Citygreen, Nathaniel leverages his broad expertise and experience to deliver a holistic, educational approach to urban placemaking. Collaborating with a range of stakeholders from Landscape Architects through to Civil Engineers, he promotes a combination of key ingredients for successful urban forests, including: healthy tree stock, nutritious soil, choosing the right trees for the location, and lastly implementing an engineered system that provides trees with adequate space and soil while also managing, utilising, and cleaning urban stormwater. With a broad understanding of both environment and business, Nathaniel balances constraints in both areas to deliver environmentally and commercially viable solutions.

Nathaniel believes in the value of urban greenspace and its benefits, including shading, urban food production, water treatment, and community wellbeing, and is passionate about leveraging innovative engineered systems to achieve these benefits in the built environment.

A typical work day includes:

·         Collaborating with Landscape Architects on their urban green space designs to ensure the maximum ROI for the designer’s clients.

·         Providing information to Pavement and Structural Engineers about tree root behavior in order to manage the interaction between pavement and tree root growth.

·         Working with Urban Foresters to develop sustainable tree planting guidelines, tree management plans, and helping to build the urban forest.

·         Travelling to deliver keynote speaker sessions on urban trees, urban soils, and LID WSUD.

To talk to Nathaniel for advice or book him as a speaker, call +1 541 625 3820, email nathaniel.hardy@citygreen.com, connect with him on LinkedIn.