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Nationwide Appliance Repairs to expand offering to Gold Coast customers

Nationwide Appliance Repairs announce plans to expand services to encourage more Australians to reuse appliances and look after the planet, as well detailing as a special discount on repairs.

Nationwide Appliance Repairs recently announced that it will be expanding its services to customers on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

The news comes as the expert appliance repair company, which has been serving Australia’s metropolitan areas for almost a decade now, seeks to expand its offering and provide people with a smart and sustainable way of disposing of their kitchen and household appliances. 

A company spokesperson for Nationwide Appliance Repairs said: “As an organisation, we are dedicated to providing swift and efficient repairs services so that as many people as possible make the decision to reuse their damaged appliances.

“Repairing and reusing appliances is an infinitely better option than throwing them away as it is both cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Indeed, countless appliances are thrown into Australia’s landfill sites every day, leaking harmful toxins and gases into the atmosphere. By opting to repair rather than replace, customers can lower their carbon footprint significantly.”

If this wasn’t an attractive enough deal, Nationwide Appliance Repairs are currently offering up to $100 off repair jobs.

What exactly is the deal?

Customers whose repair job amounts to between $250 and $500 will be treated to a $50 discount, while any job costing over $500 will have an impressive $100 taken off the bill.

What items will Nationwide Appliance Repairs fix?

Nationwide Appliance Repairs covers a wide range of services including fridge repair, washing machine repair, oven repair, and much more. Visit the website or get in contact to find out more.

About Nationwide Appliance Repairs

Nationwide Appliance Repairs is one of Australia’s most high profile repairers of kitchen and household appliances, boasting a highly qualified team of local Melbourne technicians with the expertise to tackle even the most complex of jobs. 

The company is able to deliver spare parts direct to customers’ doors if they are DIY enthusiasts, or can send trained professionals on home call-outs. There is also a specialist rental property service available for real estate agents, as well as a manufacturer warranty repair service. 

To find out more about Nationwide Appliance Repairs’ full offering, including a list of services and full details on where they operate, visit the website (https://nationwideappliancerepairs.com.au/) or call 1300 652 100.