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New case management system garners global recognition for Tasmanian health services providor

Richmond Fellowship Tasmania a finalist in global awards for BPM and workflow excellence

Deployment of a radically new form of information system for case management has seen mental health services provider Richmond Fellowship Tasmania (RFT) named a finalist in the prestigious Workflow Management Coalition global awards for excellence in business process management and workflow.

These awards recognise organisations that have excelled in implementing innovative business process solutions to meet strategic business objectives.

Richmond Fellowship Tasmania (RFT) operates residential facilities and outreach services as well as a recreational program across the state. 

CEO Danny Sutton outlined some of the achievements that saw RFT selected as a finalist for the Awards, the winners of which will be announced at the end of this month in Chicago.

“Maintaining the same cost base in the initial seven months of operation we achieved a 10 percent increase in the number of consumers for whom we provide services.

“This is complemented by savings in clerical and administration costs and underwritten by a cultural change program, the outcome of which has prepared RFT for the transition from block government funding to consumer-based insurance funded programs,” Mr. Sutton explains.

The RFT system is based on VisiCase, a cloud-based service that supports the complex case management required in human care delivery, justice administration, and financial services.  It is developed by Sydney company FlowConnect Pty Ltd.

“VisiCase supports a new consumer-centric approach to mental health care which has given us evidence that a more focused and better executed case management plan is assisting those people with mental health challenges to achieve their wellbeing goals at lower cost for the consumer,” Mr. Sutton said.

By re-engineering its business processes and aligning them with the new system RFT now measures and manages its services to the delivery outcomes mandated by state and Federal government funding requirements.

“The system provides a single plan for the consumer with a way of measuring outcomes that allows a support team to develop ideas and solutions for achieving the consumer’s goals and for tracking progress which ultimately saves time and money,” Mr. Sutton said.

As the system is web-enabled it allows the best possible support team to provide input from wherever there is an internet connection.

This means that Richmond Fellowship staff can be working in the north of Tasmania with a team in Hobart to contribute professional support and advice on the development and review of consumer plans.

The other key benefit is that the system allows employees of Richmond Fellowship to manage the plans and to see real progress.

The Awards are co-sponsored by Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) and BPM.com (BPM.com).As a finalist RFT will receive additional recognition by having its case study published in the annual edition of BPM Excellence in Practice by Future Strategies Inc. (Future Strategies Inc.)

About Richmond Fellowship Tasmania

RFT is a non-profit, non-government organisation without religious affiliation which currently provides care and services to more than 250 consumers across the state. The case study on which RFT's nomination was based can be found here http://www.flowconnect.com/solutions/visicase/case-study/ For more information visit www.rftas./org.au

About FlowConnect Pty Ltd

FlowConnect Pty Ltd is an Australian based and owned company, established in 1994, which develops solutions focused on business process automation (BPA). Its flagship product, VisiCase, is a cloud-based service that supports the complex case management required in human care delivery, justice administration, and financial services. For more information visit www.flowconnect.com