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New Course- Turf Grasses Course out now

ACS Distance Education have recently written and released a new 100- hour course called Turf Grasses. Another addition to our expanding turf course offering, this course is ideal for any existing or student greenkeepers, turf suppliers, landscapers or groundskeepers. Having an understanding of the different grass species, the cultivars and physiology of grass is pertinent to working with turf.

This course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of grass physiology so that the student can observe subtle differences between grasses being able to identify different cultivars and species much quicker.  This course demonstrates the characteristics of the vast majority of species and sub species of grasses that are used for lawns and turf around the world. This course covers grass cultivars that are commonly used for sporting, commercial and residential turf throughout the world including Australasia, the UK, Europe and North America. 

The ten lessons that are covered within this course include:

  • Introduction - Biology, terminology and classification of turf grasses.
  • Fescues - The “Festuca rubra complex”, “Festuca ovina complex” and others
  • Bentgrasses - Creeping, Colonial, Velvet, Redtop, Highland and Idaho Bentgrass
  • Ryegrasses - Perennial, Italian, Annual Ryegrass etc.
  • Bluegrasses - Kentucky, Texas, Rough, Canada, Upland and other bluegrass species including winter grass.
  • Couchgrasses -Bermuda, South African, Hybrid, Queensland Blue and Salt Water couches.
  • Buffalo and Zoysia Grasses - Stenotaphrum, Buchloe, Bouteloua and Zoysia.
  • Other Warm Condition Grasses -Centipedegrass, Kikuyu, Paspalums, Bahia grass and others
  • Other Cool Condition Grasses -Hairgrasses, Timothy, Brome, Phalaris, Wheatgrass, Crested Dogtail, etc
  • Turf grass Mixes -Growing two or more varieties together in the same turf. 

Students can enrol into our course at any time and courses are self paced with tutor support available when needed.

For more information on the Turf Grasses course, please visit our website: