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New HR Professional Development Centre to Fill People Analytics Education Gap

Launch: RITEQ Education Centre will Teach Organisations how to Understand & Act on HR Metrics & Analytics

SYDNEY, Australia – 19 July 2017 – Aiming to fill the training and education gap in the emerging discipline of People Analytics, Australian-based specialist provider of workforce management and analytics solutions RITEQ has today launched its RITEQ Education Centre. RITEQ’s diverse offering provides practical tools and services that assist first-timers in people analytics through to those seeking in-depth specialist advice.
This launch marks the release RITEQ’s People Analytics education program – a series of toolkits, webinars, workshops, blended learning programs and consulting services designed to expedite an organisation’s introduction to and implementation of People Analytics.

“What’s really exciting about the RITEQ Education Centre toolkits is that we can help a HR department with a traditional operational focus quickly begin to leverage data and tools to deliver clear, strategic value to the business,” said Stephen Moore, General Manager Education and Capability – People Analytics, RITEQ. “The toolkits are outcome focused around challenges the HR team and business commonly face.”

More Than Just a Data Science Skills Shortage – There’s a People Analytics Education Shortage

“Australian organisations are not yet adequately equipped to perform People Analytics,” said David Kroser, Managing Director, RITEQ, “and risk falling behind the UK, Europe and the US – markets that are well ahead in their understanding of the considerable business value of this emerging discipline.”

“For years we have been hearing about a ‘big data’ or data science skills shortage in Australia,” said Kroser. “That is compounded in the area of People Analytics by a general lack of education and professional development opportunities around workforce data analytics and strategic planning. At RITEQ, we are taking considerable steps to change that.”
Supporting the Metamorphosis of the Modern HR Department

It differs from business to business and from industry to industry, of course, but labour costs can easily represent up to 60 per cent, if not more, of an organisations annual expenses. Who is analysing that cost? How are organisations understanding and managing that cost? RITEQ contends it must be the role of the HR department to facilitate this business analysis. 

The RITEQ Education Centre, available now in Australia and around the world, is focused on building the analytical and strategic capabilities of the HR department, as it elevates its role in the business from operational to strategic. 


Any business that wants to get started with People Analytics can do so using RITEQ’s set of People Analytics Toolkits, which – as a whole – provide the training and proven tools developed from decades of experience and expertise to deliver twelve effective and relevant reports. Currently the toolkits fit into the Workforce Management & Performance layer of People Analytics and can assist HR departments with measuring, reporting and advising on focus areas like turnover and absenteeism, health and safety, governance and compliance and more. 

A savvy head of HR would assign team members specific areas of People Analytics to focus on, and leverage the toolkits to enable the department to add workforce management value in the short term and form a base on which to develop Workforce Planning capabilities.  

A series of People Analytics Webinars will drill down into specific aspects of people analytics order to provide more in-depth knowledge and understanding to inform and enable better outcomes


RITEQ’s custom designed People Analytics Workshops focus on Process Design Facilitation, helping an organisation develop the strategy, processes and action plan required to implement People Analytics effectively, in response to its specific business needs, objectives and desired outcomes. 

Moore said, “After many years of providing face-to-face HR metrics training across ANZ and Southeast Asia it has long been a dream of mine to have the opportunity to create an education centre like this, because the education system – here and elsewhere – doesn’t embrace people analytics in either undergrad or post graduate programs.”

For more information, visit https://www.riteqeducationcentre.com and purchase courses from RITEQ’s People Analytics curriculum online.