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New large format printer for small print runs in, servicing regional areas through online portal

Signage Boutique. Think small, print BIG

Regional photographic stores, photographers and off-set printers are now able to expand their offerings to their customers with the launch of the Signage Boutique based in Port Melbourne Victoria.

The Signage Boutique, established by young print entrepreneur Mollie Booth, offers a broad range of large format digital print services to complement those service currently offered by regional business. “Customers throughout Victoria are demanding small runs of large format print jobs. However many locations do not have a local capability to print Signs, Banners, Photo Enlargements, Posters and Promotional signage. And this is where the Signage Boutique can help” said Mollie Booth

Photographers and photographic stores have limited local capability and have been unable to offer enlargements beyond a limited size. The Signage Boutique can print in sizes up to 1.5 Meters wide by as long as required. This is great for Photo Montages, Feature Walls, Wall Paper, Outdoor Displays and Posters.  Images can be printed on Paper, Canvas, Wall Paper, Synthetic Paper, PVC, Polyester and a range of other media.

Offset Printers, more accustomed to long print runs, of brochures, flyers, catalogues etc. are being asked by their customers to produce Pull-Up Banners, one or two Posters, an Outdoor Sign or various other small quantity larger items. Without the capability in house, they have been forced to decline the work or send it to a competitor and risk losing their customer. The Signage Boutique can do this work for them.

Businesses submit their image files via email or through the web. They will then be formatted, printed and shipped within days either to the originating business or directly to the end-user customer.

Local business can expand their range of services by using Signage Boutique as their Large Format Printer. This will allow them to attract new customers, increase their customer share of wallet, bid for more local contracts, especially in tourism and events promotion, while maintaining total customer ownership.

“The Signage Boutique offers a great service at affordable prices allowing business to profitably expand and grow their markets without having to make a capital investment. We are here to help them grow” said Mollie.

 For Special Trade Pricing please go to our website: www.signageboutique.com.au

For any enquiries please call Mollie on 0407 368 094