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New Navig8r GPS updates first to market

Sydney, Australia, March 8, 2010 – LASER Corporation, makers of Navig8r GPS devices, today announced the latest updates to its current Navig8r G35 GPS devices. Navig8r, the first navigation product in Australia to incorporate Western Australia’s largest road project, the New Perth Bunbury Highway, will now also include the recently completed Brisbane Airport Corporation’s Northern Access Road Project in Queensland and the Southern Link section of the Monash-CityLink-West Gate upgrade in Victoria.

Further updates available for Navig8r G35 GPS comprise of a new lane guidance feature, new compass feature, as well as user updatable and customised points of interest (POI) from the Point of Interest Database (POIDB) – www.poidb.com. The lane guidance feature displays onscreen icons guiding you to the correct lane at complex roadways to avoid dangerous last minute lane changes and the new compass feature not only helps users keep their bearings, it is ideal for home buyers determining if properties have the coveted northern-facing aspect. Explore Australia, place to place and off the beaten track using data downloaded from POI Groups from the POIDB – www.poidb.com. Users can upload custom POIs into the Navig8r GPS for a personalised navigation experience.

Current Navig8r G35 GPS units available now will contain the New Perth Bunbury Highway, the new road system that provides a second entry and exit to Brisbane Airport and the additional lanes of traffic on the Southern Link section of Melbourne’s CityLink automated tollway, in addition to the new lane guidance feature, new compass feature and points of interest from the POIDB. Eligible products will have clearly marked packaging highlighting these updates.

Customers with existing Navig8r G35 GPS devices can also download the latest updates online from the LASER Navig8r website – www.navig8r.com.au/g35update.

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