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New Outdoor Noise Monitor NMS043 releases from Larson Davis

John Morris Group is proud to offer a brand new update of the Larson Davis NoiseTutor noise monitoring system specifically designed for permanent outdoor use.NoiseTutor - Permanent NMS043 by Larson Davis_John Morris Group

This NMS043 provides the NoiseTutor features of wireless (cellular) communication, automatic transfer of data to a server and website, and real time SMS and email alerts for events to make outdoor noise monitoring easier.  The NoiseTutor functionality is powered by an embedded, industrial grade PC that makes remote administration and management easy using readily available tools.  Combining all these features with a low overall cost of ownership makes the NoiseTutor NMS043 an excellent choice for community, construction, wind-farm, airport and other long term noise monitoring needs.

Ken Cox, Product Development Manager said, "This new configuration of the NoiseTutor system brings all the great features and value of NoiseTutor to applications where long term noise monitoring is required.  The system has been designed to provide flexibility in component mounting which facilitates customisation needed to address unique noise monitoring requirement.  This combination of a standardised system that can be customised allows the NMS043 to be used in a large number of applications."

For more information about the NMS043 read our brochure:
Larson Davis NMS043 Outdoor Noise Monitor

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