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New President to lead AMTIL’s future growth

Melbourne, 04 March 2011 – The Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Pat Boland as the newly elected President. Mr Boland will be responsible for strategically leading AMTIL’s operational initiatives in developing and expanding new and existing projects aiming to improve the performance and output of Australia’s advanced manufacturing industry.

Mr Boland brings to the job extensive experience in Australia’s machine tool industry as co-founder and Director of one of the world’s leading CNC grinding machine manufacturers, ANCA Pty Ltd. Outgoing President Di Kloe will continue to serve as a Director on the Association’s Board.

“The future of Australia’s manufacturing industry is dependent on our investment in high productivity flexible machine tools, in building the skills of our workforce to operate and program these machines and in our management to integrate them into lean manufacturing systems. “ Mr Boland says. “Australian industry needs to be built on high-tech, innovative, niche manufacturing. High performance machine tools are the essential foundations. As a country Australia faces a problem. We are just not buying enough machine tools to safeguard our manufacturing future.”

According to AMTIL CEO Shane Infanti, Mr Boland’s high profile and position within the industry and government circles will be important for AMTIL’s growth over the coming years. “As a major manufacturer of machine tools for the global market Mr Boland effectively covers both sides of our membership structure,” he says. “As co-founder and Director of ANCA, he not only represents the suppliers and manufacturers of technology, but also the end-users.”

Since his inception in October last year, Mr Boland has been instrumental in bringing a new strategic plan into place, which focuses on a strong and engaged membership base, the provision of beneficial products and services, information and communication and the facilitation of industry growth.

“Working with our members to build capability and capacity, identify major projects and provide access to new opportunities is a strong focus for all AMTIL staff,” Mr Infanti comments on the association’s four key future strategies. “What we want are members that are willing to work with us and allow us to support them in what they are trying to achieve. Then we can say we have made a difference.”