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Next generation workforce management solutions for the office and the field

Workforce management software, optimising the workforce for productivity.

Has the management of remote field workers and assets become an ordeal for you? Is your goal to keep workforce management costs down and still churn out maximum productivity? If your answer is a big YES to both of these then workforce management software is the ideal solution.

Workforce management software enables your organization to take control of all your employees and workers; It doesn’t matter if they are in-house or in the field. Historically, workforce management solutions were part of ERP/CRM and were designed to assign tasks to the appropriate employees. Such solutions were useful, yet weren’t able to solve the ever changing dynamics of an organisation, especially when dealing with field oriented services.

The new face of workforce management software provides an integrated suite of processes and services that not only manages workforce but optimises it for efficiency. Specialised workforce management software incorporates tools and techniques to effectively plan, schedule and optimise remote workers; while ensuring minimal costs and enhanced customer satisfaction.

One the key benefits of new generation of workforce management software is its ability to schedule workers making use of previous statistics, such as the number of customer engagement queries, engagement hours per customer, available in-house and on-field resources etc. The resultant data is processed by the software and used by respective line managers to correctly forecast and deliver remote staffing requirements.

Cloud based software delivered through a SaaS model enables an organisation to optimise the entire workforce. This lets remote and field workers stay connected with their organisation’s information systems/ERP/CRM globally. Managers can pass-thru important instructions; communicate schedule and customer engagement revisions at run-time, keeping entire work processes streamlined.

The flexibility to access and interact with the software on mobile devices such as smart phones and tables, means that most organisations no matter how small are already equipped to optimise their activities through a cloud delivered workforce management solution.

More information: http://www.fieldtec.com

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