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Now on the market - the ONLY organic snail and slug killer!

Certified Organic Snail and Slug killer
- The only organic alternative to chemicals in Australia

Protect-us Mineral Snail and Slug Killer is a high performing alternative to toxic chemical baits and, whilst it uses an elemental iron active ingredient, it actually delivers improved levels of control and protection! It is the only snail and slug killer which is assessed and certified by Australian Organic for use when growing organic and biodynamic produce.

The Protect-us bait is tailored to be highly palatable to Australian snail and slug species, who are attracted, and in fact lured out from their hiding places. The Protect-us pellets are designed to ensure they are right size and consistency for the snail’s radula (tongue) to scrape the surface and ingest the bait.

The bait is so environmentally friendly it actually breaks down to natural nutrients for soils and plants. The active ingredient, elemental iron, is also naturally present in the environment making it low risk to people, pets and wildlife. Since the Protect-us pellets are a ‘natural-earthy’ brown colour they also provide no visual attraction to inquisitive children, pets or bird life.
In fact, when applied according to the label instructions, Protect-us Mineral Snail and Slug Killer can be safely used in areas where there are dogs, cats, birds, possums and other fauna. Of course Protect-us Mineral Snail & Slug Killer contains no GMOs and is mould resistant.

Protect-us Market Manager Dion Alderton commented;
“Consumers want to eliminate pests in an environmentally safe manner. This snail and slug bait is easy to use, organic, effective and considerate to humans, pets and fauna. It has been welcomed as a better alternative to traditional chemical baits.”
For further information visit http://www.protect-us.com.au/products/mineral-snail-and-slug-killer
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