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Onus on ANZ Companies to Fuel AI-Powered Workplace

Survey finds Australian and New Zealand companies are expected to implement safety measures and appropriate training for employees using AI

New data released by global technology leader Genesys reveals Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) employees believe their employers, rather than government, industry or individuals, are responsible for preparing the workforce for advanced technology.
An overwhelming 90% of ANZ respondents in the recent multi-country survey believe it is up to their company to provide education and training on AI tools in the workplace. This was consistently reflected across the range of industries including finance, education, health, transport and HR.
Interestingly, 4% more part-time workers in the ANZ region believed their employers were on the hook for training, compared to their full-time counterparts; a trend identified in other regions surveyed, including the UK, US, Germany and Japan. Across age groups, younger employees were more inclined to feel personal responsibility for their AI skill development; 17% of the youngest age bracket (18-38 years), compared to 9% of the oldest group (55-73 years).
AI Ethics
The survey identified the ethical use of AI was a major concern for employees. Although more than two-thirds of ANZ respondents are confident their employer will use AI ethically, 62% still believe it is necessary to have a minimum requirement of humans in the blended workforce.
To ensure the greatest outcomes for staff and the company, respondents agree companies should have an ethical policy on the use of AI/bots in the workplace (58%).
AI Affect
The survey also examined the often-mentioned fear of AI replacing jobs. Results reveal 68% of respondents in ANZ are not afraid AI/bots will take over their jobs within the next 10 years. The survey results showed the ANZ region reported the most confidence in this area, 9% more confidence than UK respondents.
This topical survey demonstrates ANZ employees believe the responsibility of managing AI, in terms of training and job safety, lies predominantly with their employer. Further, there is a high level of trust in employers to act responsibly and in their employees’ best interest.
Survey Notes
Genesys®, the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact centre solutions, commissioned this survey to better understand current global attitudes towards artificial intelligence in the workplace and what this means for the future of AI.
4,207 employees from five regions – ANZ, US, UK, Japan and Germany – completed the online survey in April 2019. Respondents were evenly divided into three age ranges (18-38, 39-54, 55-73) with women accounting for 51% and men 49% of respondents.
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