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Optimizer International Group, Inc. launches ListWise HQ, an innovative breakthrough in email list cleaning.

Today Optimizer HQ (3OP.F) announced the launch of ListWise HQ, a complimentary product to the company’s well known email marketing platform Maxmail HQ. ListWise HQ is a powerful email address cleaning system that helps high volume (bulk) email marketer

Manas Kumar, CEO of Optimizer HQ, says: “One of the biggest challenges with email marketing is the ability to maintain list quality. If the quality of your lists isn't great then besides the responses being poor, you can also run into some deliverability problems with ISPs which may, in certain cases, lead to blacklisting and reputation problems. “

Jaron Turnbull, Optimizer HQ’s Chief Technical Officer, who has been responsible for building this product, says: “Out of years of experience with high volume email marketing, we've developed a system of detecting and also predicting with accuracy when and how an email address might bounce, without actually sending an email to that address. Now we can help customers proactively weed out invalid, duplicate or non-existent emails from their list, which will save them a lot of time and protect their reputation.”

Keeping in line with the company’s value of “Simplifying Business Technology” Kumar says: “ListWise HQ is a mind-numbingly simple tool that intelligently cleans your lists”. The 3 step process of buying credits, uploading a subscriber list and then downloading the clean list is refreshingly easy and time efficient. Alternatively, through the use of an API, developers also have the option to validate email addresses used in online sign ups on the fly.”

ListWise HQ works on either a one off pre-paid credit system or a low monthly plan is available for businesses that have an ongoing requirement to clean their email lists. Depending on the number of email addresses in each list, the cost of cleaning could be as low as a cent however full pricing will be revealed when the beta version goes live on February 1st 2012.

Optimizer HQ is now inviting businesses to pre-register for the service on the product website at www.listwisehq.com.

About ListWise HQ
ListWise HQ is a web based email address cleaning system that helps high volume email marketers keep their email marketing lists clean and free of bounces. The service works on a prepaid credit basis, allowing marketers the option of uploading lists for cleaning in bulk, or one at a time through an API as a validation tool for online sign ups.