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Optimizer International Group, Inc. rebrands its ip2Location API service to Locator HQ

Optimizer International Group, Inc. (FRA:3OP) announced the rebranding of its free and popular ip2Location API service is now complete and live. Mid 2011, Optimizer HQ decided to provide a free ip2location lookup service for developers using a simple to use API and within days it was serving in excess of a million calls per month for developers around the world.

Optimizer HQ’s CEO, Manas Kumar, said: “Location services are no doubt an important aspect of the future and we believe in personalizing a users' web experience as much as possible. Soon after its inception, the ip2Location API evolved to something beyond the standard geo location lookups and started providing browser, device and the users' environment stats as part of version 2 released late last year. It was necessary to rebrand the service in order to encapsulate the breadth of services now included as part of the same free, powerful and versatile API - now called Locator HQ.”

The company has also been actively consolidating its product portfolio and realigning the individual product brands with the parent Optimizer HQ brand in a bid to put up a stronger, unified and cohesive front creating a visual representation of the closeand integration between the product range.

Cornelis Boertjens, Optimizer HQ’s CMO, confirmed that the Locator HQ Ip2Location service as well as any additional api services offer through the API will continue to remain 100% free until further notice. However, Boertjens did indicate that a premium version with advanced features, faster response times and premium support is under construction and will be announced in the beginning of the second quarter.

Prior to its rebranding, the ip2Location API service was serving on average 2.8 million API calls per month for developers around the world. With this new brand and improved API service Locator HQ expects to double this number within the next 90 days.

About Locator HQ

Locator HQ is a powerful free IP to Location Lookup API developed, maintained and supported by Optimizer HQ, one of Asia's largest internet software company based in Auckland, New Zealand.

About Optimizer HQ

Optimizer HQis a fast paced ‘innovation factory’ that serves the purpose of simplifying technology for small businesses around the world using the internet as a delivery vehicle. On November 30th, 2011 the company began trading on the Deutsche Boerse (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) as a public listed company and is one of only 8 New Zealand based companies trading on this exchange along with some other recognizable brands such as Fletcher Building, Telecom Corporation, Auckland International Airport and New Zealand Oil and Gas.