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ORTEC ANZ expands west



ORTEC ANZ expands west

Sydney, 4 December 2012 - ORTEC Australia & New Zealand has appointed Daniel Taylor to run its Western Australian operations, which have grown over the past two years.

Known for its logistics and route planning systems, ORTEC has also built its Australian market share in workforce scheduling systems, especially in the natural resources sector.

Mr Taylor joins the ANZ subsidiary from ORTEC’s parent company in the Netherlands, where he has been based for six years. He specializes in systems which manage the assignment of personnel, such as workforce scheduling and field service planning.

ORTEC’S workforce planning, scheduling and management system, called ORTEC Harmony, is sold around the world in markets sectors that healthcare and emergency services, the petrochemical industry, manufacturing, retail and  hospitality, logistics, airline sectors, and mining.

ORTEC Harmony lets managers understand and assign rosters based that place the right people with the right skills at the right point at the right moment.

For organizations in Australia operating across different States and their respective legislations, ORTEC Harmony can manage workforces across these various jurisdictions and their associated regulations, something on which ORTEC cut its programming teeth in Europe.

Quotes from ORTEC

Daniel Taylor, ORTEC regional manager for Western Australian, said: “Companies with large, diverse workforces, with different skills and needs, all require considerable management. And companies can choose to do this either by containing costs and minimizing disruption, or by placing the best-possible person on the most appropriate role. We think this is much more productive, for the organization and its customers, and of course for the individuals themselves.”

Alan Thomas, joint managing director for ORTEC ANZ, said: “While it seems unfair to compare people to goods, the movement of pallets or shipping containers is, at the software level, analogous to moving people around an organization. It’s essentially about making sure that the right resource (a driver or a pallet) is in the right place at the right time. Except that assigning and moving people are more subtle and complicated, because human characteristics are in play, alongside regulations and occupational health and safety requirements.”


ORTEC develops and sells advanced planning and optimization software solutions and consulting services primarily for the logistics sector. ORTEC systems optimize fleet routing and despatch, vehicle and pallet loading, workforce scheduling, delivery forecasting and network planning. ORTEC has over 1,650 customers and employs over 650 people in Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. For more information, visit  www.ortec.com

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