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Always toiling to create better equipment, so you can have better adventures, we’re thrilled to announce the release of our latest FOXWING range of vehicle awnings and accessories.  The new series will be available in store from Monday 25 February 2019.
The OZTENT Group first created FOXWING, now one of the leading names in retractable vehicle awnings, back in 2008. 
“We were so inspired by the wings of our native flying foxes that we engineered a product which would replicate their durability, flexibility and functionality, hence its unique patented design and the name.”, explains Isaac Viglione, Marketing Manager, The OZTENT Group.
The new FOXWING series borrows from the success of the original range but adds some new features to make them easier and faster to use.
The range includes:
OZTENT | FOXWING - 270 Awning [RRP $879] 270o Awning [RRP $879] – this patented design is engineered to deliver maximum shade with absolute ease.  Its FAST™ setup system allows a single person to erect this expansive shade in seconds.  Made from ModCan™ fabric [highly durable, UV protected, waterproof and mould resistant] it has zippered edges you can set up a whole camp site from one awning.     
OZTENT | FOXWIG - 270 Tapered Awning Extension [RRP $199]

270o Tapered Awning Extension [RRP $199] – to provide even more cover on wet and windy days, or a little more space for shady storage we’ve got it covered.  Simply zip a tapered extension to your FOXWING 270o Awning and peg as required.  Buy four and create your own palace off the side of your vehicle.

OZTENT | FOXWING - 270 Awning Extension [RRP $249]  
270o Awning Extension [RRP $249] – sold as a set of two walls that can be quickly zipped the FOXWING 270o Awning this extension delivers protection from the elements on two sides or can be raised to extend your shade.
FOXWING TAGALONG TENT [RRP $699] – with the unique ability of being able to attach to any brand of awning in the market, this tagalong delivers all the ease of an OZTENT and its ESTS™ system sees it up in seconds.  Comfortably sleeping four people, it is a standalone tent, meaning that you can, simply unzip it from the awning, peg in the guy ropes and drive off adventuring.
For more information on the new FOXWING Series by The OZTENT Group visit http://www.oztent.com.au or any reputable camping, outdoors or auto store.
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The OZTENT Group was founded over 20 years ago by Australian inventor Joe Viglione who, so frustrated while pitching a conventional tent, invented one that took just 30 seconds to pitch. Affectionately named 'the marriage saver' by Joe, the rest of Australia knows it as the Oztent RV Range.    
The Oztent Group remains an Australian owned and operated 
family-business, providing Australian and international adventurers with a range of tents and outdoor furniture and accessories, designed to create an awesome camping experience. The Oztent Group opened operations in the USA in 2014.
Oztent is the original, patented 30-second tent. Its unique internal frame and hinge-mechanism eliminated the need (and time) required to thread poles to keep the tent up. Along with its innovative design, Oztent also features heavy-duty materials to withstand harsh Australian conditions.
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, a product for photography or trial, and interviews with a camping expert from the Oztent team, please contact: Isacc Viglione isaac.viglione@oztent.com or Michael Locke 0438-076-904 | michael@locke.com.au