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Pacific Internet expands managed services to protect and boost business operations

Pacific Internet (Australia), part of Asia?s largest telco-independent Internet Communications Service Provider, Pacific Internet Limited (NASDAQ: PCNTF), has launched a range of managed security and network monitoring services, in response to demand from small to medium businesses looking to cost effectively manage the security and upkeep of their network.
Pacific Internet?s new Managed Firewall VPN is a hardware based, managed security solution that protects businesses? networks from intruders and viruses. It can also act as a virtual private network (VPN) to securely connect remote offices and teleworkers. Pacific Internet?s 24/7 Monitoring solution, for single and multi-site businesses, gives instant notification when systems go down and resume.
Pacific Internet?s product manager, Kylie Hutchison, said: ?As a trusted business Internet Communications Service Provider, we?re the first point of call when business customers want to securely link sites or protect their network and business data. With Managed Firewall VPN and Monitoring, we can now meet this need, taking the pressure off our customers? resources, and allowing them to focus on their core business.?
Pacific Internet?s January 2004 Broadband Barometer shows that the areas of greatest concern to small businesses are computer viruses (60%), security of data and financial transactions (43%), and ISP performance and reliability 41%).
?Security threats continue to increase and businesses must protect themselves from the risk of intrusion and malicious attacks. These services will help to protect and boost business operations,? said Hutchison.
Pacific Internet?s Managed Firewall VPN: Businesses enjoy effective security without the hassle for maintenance and security updates
?A managed security solution has much greater chance of being effective than an incorrectly configured firewall that?s not updated regularly,? said Hutchison.
Once the Managed Firewall VPN hardware is installed, Pacific Internet remotely manages and maintains the firewall and VPN settings. The company ensures that the hardware receives the latest firmware and software upgrades, typically on a daily basis, and provides monthly reports on the security delivered to the network.
Pacific Internet?s Monitoring: Staying in touch with the network 24/7
?Pacific Internet?s cost effective, 24/7 Monitoring means businesses can quickly respond to emergencies, even if they?re off site, resulting in reduced downtime. The service provides real time monitoring of business connections and mission critical services,? said Hutchison.
Contacts can be reached by SMS, email or both, with flexible tolerance levels and alert times. The three-tier escalation contact process ensures at least one contact is able to act in the event of an emergency.
The service has two options to cater for customers with different needs. Level one can monitor any host represented with an IP address, including a mail or web server, modem or router. Level two provides deeper level network monitoring, where any host or any service running on a host can be monitored, including mail, web or domain servers.
New Services Complementary to Pacific Internet?s Existing Connectivity Solution
Hutchison said: ?The latest managed services complement Pacific Internet?s existing Multi-site Business Solutions suite that includes an MPLS enabled, network based VPN service.
?The move into managed services is part of Pacific Internet?s strategy to provide more than just connectivity to business customers,? said Hutchison.