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PET HOLIDAY HOUDINI'S: Is Your Pet an Escape Artist?

PetCloud founder on a mission.


With Christmas only 8 weeks away, PetCloud founder Deborah Morrison is on a mission; She wants every pet owner in Australia to know how to conduct a responsible property check and what questions to ask potential pet sitters.

“The last thing Pet Owners want is a call while they're in Bali saying their pet has escaped, or are at the Emergency Vet,” said Ms Morrison.

Running a national pet sitting website with the help of RSPCA Qld for the last 3 years, PetCloud has taken what was once a “cottage industry” and given it framework to decrease the risk of escape or harm to pets in care.

Early on PetCloud began discussions with RSPCA Qld staff such as Inspectors, Trainers, Vet Nurses, and Foster Carers to work through the questions asked of both Pet Sitters & Pet Owners to establish the safest Pet Sitting website in Australia.

“In the keenness to embrace the sharing economy, PetCloud Founder Morrison says Pet Owners need to research the safety checks and liability these companies actually offer.”  

There are many safety aspects that set PetCloud apart to be Australia’s most trusted and transparent pet sitting website such as:

       Mandatory Police Background Checks of their Sitters

       Mandatory Pet Sitter Training (created with the help of RSPCA Vets)

       Mandatory Meet & Greets before a Pet Stay takes place

       Property Checklist (created with the help of RSPCA Vets)

       Pet Sitter Interview Questions

       The most comprehensive Pet Profile in the market

       Reviews by past Pet Owners

       Customer Support is run by RSPCA’s National Call Centre

PetCloud has grown rapidly across Australia and are proud to be a partner and supporter of Australia’s most renowned animal charity, RSPCA Queensland who are also an investor alongside Greencross Limited, the holding company of Greencross Vets and Petbarn Stores.

PetCloud has the largest number of Sitters in Australia; over 18,000 nationwide.

For Pet Owners to get their free Property checklist and Sitter interview questions; join the PetCloud website: https://www.petcloud.com.au/signup and they will be sent to you.


Photo credit: Thinkstock by Getty Images