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Phenomenon’s Silver Anniversary Celebrating 25 ‘Phenomenal’ Years!

Phenomenon Creative Event Services shares their humble beginnings.

Perth, WA, 13 February 2014 – After a solid twenty-five years in the industry, Phenomenon Creative Event Services have established a firm foothold as Western Australia’s go-to styling and theming company.

The seeds of Phenomenon were sown in a small garage in Perth, 14 January 1989, by Paul Cumming and Steve Power. The duo called their first venture ‘Da Doo Ron Ron DJ Entertainment Services,’ – a DJ company – which later became the most popular and successful DJ company in Western Australia.

Having met while studying Media Performance at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), the two shared the same vision and decided to go into business together.

As the DJ company expanded, Steve studied Musical Theatre at WAAPA. Paul achieved his B.A. from Edith Cowan University in Media and English and travelled extensively, including several summer jaunts to the US for a major performing arts camp.

Phenomenon Creative Event Services – was launched as a mother company to DDRR in 2000 – made a giant leap onward when the two expanded the company’s schedule of services to include videography, photography and event theming.  They grew the Phenomenon team and embraced hard working, talented and creative people who they knew could take the business to a whole new level with their own special skill sets.

Shortly thereafter, Paul and Steve realised they had created a niche market with the event theming concept; they then sold the videography, photography and DJ branches of their business and concentrated on event styling, theming, corporate branding, furniture and prop hire. This was to become the true core concept of what Phenomenon is at present.

Paul says, “It was actually easy to do that, because once we had secured the best people to adapt and evolve the theming and production, everything clicked into place. We thought it was wise to scale down to fewer offerings – because now, we can really excel at them.”

This niche market for specialty themed corporate events has earned Phenomenon a top spot in the Western Australia events industry.

The company is proud of having their own in-house Creative Designer instead of fielding the job outside. They moved house in 2012, into their “dream home” – a huge warehouse in Osborne Park that has a tech savvy boardroom and modern offices.  They say they exist almost “purely on word of mouth.”  Client testimonials on their website speak volumes about their work, they have nothing but glowing things to say about their professionalism, creativity and personable service – Phenomenon has arrived! 

Their Osborne Park warehouse is chock full of props, furniture and styling elements for hire – everything they need to create whatever their clients want!

“We have over 40 different themes and we continue to build and renew them, whilst also looking for additional themes or styles that follow current trends” Paul said. “We travel the globe and network a lot locally. Our team is always culling new ideas, seeing what’s new and fresh so we can bring them back home and pitch them to our clients.”

Although Steve moved in 2007 to Canberra for family reasons, he is still involved in the business with Paul and the team.

Phenomenon Creative Event Services has earned its reputation for excellence in the Perth area. Now twenty-five years strong in the industry, the Phenomenon team will make your next event one to remember. Visit their website at http://www.phenomenon.com.au/, or phone them on 1300 33 9000.