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Plotting the Event Production Trends for 2014

Whether in Australia, or elsewhere in the world, these trends are expected to revamp the world of event production.

Perth, WA, 20 June 2014 - When it comes to event planning and production, atmosphere and location are critical, as well as visual details, sound, lighting and catering. For 2014, enthusiastic professional event planners and producers are predicting – and putting into motion – some of the hippest trends in their industry.

Jeni Donald, Business Development Manager at Phenomenon Creative Event Services in Perth, says experts predict that event production this year will be, as was last year, dependent on vivid colours.

“We at Phenomenon have always believed that theming and styling is at the heart of any event production process,” Donald says. “We expect to see an explosion of colour at the request of our clients, which means we’ll be picking up on some trendy new styling themes from around the world, too.”

According to Pantone, the global authority on colour, many of the ‘in’ colours for 2014 are in the pastel range, including one shade called Placid Blue. Sunny yellows and light teals and blush shades are slated to be seen dotting events with accents of colour.

“When planning an event, don’t be afraid of playing with different colours,” Donald says. “Colour sets a mood, and depending on the mood you want to evoke, there will always be a colour especially for that. Colours can also inspire a specific theme, so have fun!”

“Shapes are ‘trendy’ too,” Donald says. “We hear that polka dots are making a comeback, as well as houndstooth and bright, bold, 1960s style floral prints.”

Location – the place or space in which to hold an event – can also fall onto the trendiness radar. For 2014, it’s predicted that culturally significant venues such as art museums and charming old buildings are taking the place of houses of worship or traditional banquet halls. With the popularity of last year’s “Great Gatsby” film, event producers and their clients were influenced to seek out opulent, grandiose venues, such as castles, old mansions and vintage grand hotels.

“It appears that lush and luxurious are ‘in’,” Donald says. “There is nothing that compares to an elegant event in an equally elegant venue.”

At the other extreme, ‘rustic yet modern’ is becoming popular, as clients sometimes opt for a rootsy, outdoorsy touch to events, often in the warmer months when the weather is behaving.

A rustic feel with contemporary touches on the accent pieces includes chic wood pallet furniture, mirrors, feather or metallic centrepieces, Mason jar candles, fairy lights, birdcages and live plants nestled in vintage containers.

For a quasi-steampunk feel, the industrial or warehouse look is increasing in favour with its urban factory sensation. Appropriate styling touches include metal beams, tables and benches made from rough-hewn planks, minimalist lighting, exposed ductwork, chrome fixtures and brick walls.

When it’s time to plan an event, Phenomenon will coordinate with sponsors, entertainment providers and food and beverage caterers to make any occasion an impressive one. “When it comes to impressing guests, our event producers are pros in creating and styling events that give a return on investment for your clients,” says Donald.

“The staff here at Phenomenon are willing to assist you with the event styling process and help create fabulous events in 2014 that will leave your clients breathless. Our company has a warehouse full of contemporary props and furniture for hire for almost any kind or size of event.”

Phenomenon Creative Event Services is a leading event production firm specialising in event styling, theming, as well as props and furniture for hire. Contact them at 1300 33 9000 or at their website, http://www.phenomenon.com.au.