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Pole Dancing Is Back At Federation Square

Polish Festival @ Federation Square

Sunday 18 November 2012

10.00 am - 5.00 pm


Whenever two or more Poles get together you are sure to have a good time, but when a whole community gathers for their annual festival you know that things are going to be electric. Poles are generous and hospitable and proud of their country surviving against the odds so if that is not a good reason to hold a festival to share with fellow Melburnians we don’t know what is.

There will be lots of Poles dancing. The main stage at Federation Square will be filled with colour and the boundless energy of folk dances performed by Polonez and Łowicz dance troupes comprising first and second generation Australians keeping in touch with their heritage. This year Gintaras, a Lithuanian Folk Group, join the Festival for the celebrations. Don’t be surprised to also see and even experience spontaneous outbreaks of dance amongst the crowd, because that’s just a Polish thing to do when you are happy, you dance and sing.

One of the underrated gems of European cuisine, Polish food is distinctive and most importantly absolutely superb. There is a lot to try and savour at the Festival with names that you have the greatest difficulty getting your tongue around but you taste buds will love you forever.

The Festival also has plenty to satisfy the shopping bug, with an abundance of merchandise on offer including books, clothes, fashion accessories, Christmas decorations and travel packages, much of it unique to the Festival. Perhaps most enticing is the range of elegant amber jewellery, crafted in Poland and renowned worldwide for its beautiful honey colour and calming properties.

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Come join the Polish community on Sunday 18 November and experience Pole dancing in its original form.