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USB Wall Socket now have usb power points $23.95 we have the largest range of usb swtiches online

usb power points white www.usbwallsocket.com.au

Introducing the future of USB Wall Power Sockets. Light Switches and power sockets


USB Wall Socket  has a twin USB powered 5 Volt 3.5 AMP socket
and is SAA certified. Perfect for charging mobile phones including
ipads, mac air, ipods, tablets, most hand held devices,tools etc.
No longer do you need those bulky charging transformers that take
up to much room on the socket or go missing. Your device plugs straight
in to the USB Wall Socket on the power point and leaves the 2 240v plugs
free for your normal home appliances. All our range are direct replacements
to the standard Australian double power point. So no messy wiring issues,
however a qualified electrician is recommended to do the swap or install.
Available in various colours or custom make. Visit our website