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Promo People Staff Are Passionate About Events

Australia has now entered into a period of full community lockdown of non-essential services.

This includes events such as product launches, trade shows or music festivals. This can however be an opportunity to review the business plan and consider various marketing options now and after the lockdown is lifted and life return to normal.


Businesses that need staff for small product launches, trade shows or music festivals will find talent from event management company Promo People will have the skills and experience required to handle all kinds of tasks.


The team can support field sales teams by engaging customers and their ability to network and build strong relationships. They can convey passion for the brands by their knowledge and are aware of consumer trends. They are also well versed in digital marketing platforms and social media execution. They can assist marketing agencies with coordinating and executing brand led activations, with events such as photoshoots, trade shows, content creation and other consumer events. They can also manage brand-led samplings.


The right people on the ground make all the difference and Promo People have a portfolio to suit any and all requirements – general event workforce, back office, food retail and bar, catering, runners, admin, setup/pack down, bump in/out crews, queue management, ticketing and everything in between. Promo People has over 3,000 people on their books across Australia and no role is too hard for the team.


Promo People has the logistics, management and the right people to get products into consumers’ hands. The company understands that the last point of contact on the product journey to the customer is the person handing it to them. Therefore, they ensure the product is presented the right way, every time. Promo People staff is available for FMCG, in-store demos, RSA/Alcohol, train stations, food handling, storage and transport, cooking events and trade shows. 


Companies looking for mascots can also find talented performers at Promo People.  They can also look after field support and production as they can manage design, permits, production, logistics, implementation, insurance and administration. From a small street activation to a major public event the Promo People crew can make it all happen in-house.


For more information about promotional staff, visit https://www.promopeople.com.au/ or call 0402 660 682.